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Address: Foguang Industrial Park, Chengnan Economic Development Zone, Linshu County, Linyi City, Shandong Province


  Foguang Lighting, a leader of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, perfectly applies modern science and technology in the light source field to realize the effect of 80% energy saving and light up every harmonious family.
  Shandong Foguang Illumination Co., Ltd. (“Foguang” for short) is located in Linshu Foguang Lighting Sci-Tech Park and occupies a land of over 120mu and a floor space of 20,000m2. Foguang owns fixed assets valuing RMB 82.9 million and currently has more than 480 employees, of which 289 have the educational background of junior college or special secondary school and 106 are technicians who have obtained intermediate or senior professional titles. Foguang is a technological enterprise specialized in the research & development, production and sale of various energy-saving lamps.
  Foguang has automated production equipment and testing equipment that are currently leading in China, including automatic discharge machine, automatic chip mounter, automatic inserting machine, automatic double-wave soldering machine, automatic code spraying machine, new-type product ageing rack, electronic ballast all-purpose tester, combined light color electricity integrated analysis system, high and low-temperature alternating humidity test chamber, and oscillograph, which have laid a solid foundation for Foguang’s energy-saving illuminant products.
  Founded in 2003, Foguang has now completed the leap from single product to series products. So far, there are 25 series and 390 types of products with registered trademarks such as Xuanpu, Nature Healthy Family, Saiyang and Xiangyun, etc. The products include common self-ballasted electronic fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, high-efficiency energy-saving fluorescent lamps with T4/T5/T8 thin tubular support, ceramic Foguanggen lamps, light-electric complementation LED street lamps, wind-light complementation LED street lamps, electrode-less lamps, ceiling lamps, LED luminance, etc. in various powers, which have been sold in 55 countries and regions, including North America, West Europe and East Asia, etc., won a great reputation in domestic market, and also taken up a large share in the international markets. In 2010, the company completed the sales income of RMB120 million. It is predicted that its sales income will reach RMB 280 million in 2011.
  Foguang has won the popularity in the market and the great praise from users for its first-class product quality. Wang Hao, a table tennis champion in Beijing Olympic Games 2008, joins the promotion of Foguang delightfully and becomes the image representative of Foguang’s brands.。
  Foguang attaches importance to the image of products as well as the quality of products. With the exclusive production techniques, Foguang has perfectly demonstrated the energy-saving and eco-friendly features of products. For common self-ballasted electronic fluorescent lamp, the power consumption of ballast is reduced to 6%, 4% lower than those of other manufacturers in the industry, and its service life is also ahead of silimar products made by other manufacturers in the industry. It can start the lamp for more than 10,000 times, while for other products, they can only start for 6000 times. It can normally start the lamp at the low temperature of -40℃, while it is only -20℃ for other products in the industry. It can start and maintain the normal lighting at the high temperature of 100℃ while it is only 80℃ for other products in the industry. Its lighting effect reaches the national first-class level. The tube is lead-free glass tube with amalgam, and causes no pollution of lead and mercury. However, others in the industry are made of common glass tube and mercury, which can easily cause pollution and harm human body. LED lamps employ the secondary light transmission technology to realize the even luminance, which has a range 50% larger than other products in the industry. The lighting effect reaches 120 lumens, while it is around 90 lumens for other products in the industry. The lamps can function under water uninterruptedly for more than 15 days, while other products in the industry are mostly not waterproof. Foguang presents the first-class product quality.
  China’s first intelligent control LED street lamp system, designed, manufactured and installed by Foguang, has now been used to retrofit the common street lamps. This product employs the intelligent control system, which can automatically turn on the lamps when any vehicle or person walks by and automatically turn off the lamps after the vehicle or person leaves. This product has excellent energy-saving effect and can save 50-70% power comparing with common street lamps. This product will become a wonderful achievement in the field of public lighting and set an example in the street lamp industry.
  Foguang had passed the certification of ISO9001 International Product Quality System Certification in 2006. In 2007, the 61W-260W Limited Values of Energy Efficiency and Rating Criteria of Self-ballasted Fluorescent Lamps for Lighting Service drafted and formulated by Foguang Lighting was listed as Shandong’s local standard. Foguang Lighting owns 3 national patents of invention and 8 utility model patents, and is a national key development and promotion project enterprise, a National Torque Plan key project enterprise, a Shandong Spark Plan key project enterprise, a Shandong enterprise training base, a university students’ innovative undertaking demonstration base, and an approved Shandong leading enterprise in South Shandong High Efficiency Lighting Industrial Base. Foguang Lighting also has a national energy efficiency identification and testing center and engages in the integration of production, teaching, and research with Electric Light Source Research Institute of Fudan University. By employing China’s leading electro optical technology owned by Electric Light Source Research Institute of Fudan University to guide and design its production, Foguang Lighting’s product quality has been always ranked highly among China’s light source manufacturers. This has become a powerful support for Foguang Lighting to seek for better products.
  Foguang Lighting presents a bright future!
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